September 27, 2004

More Construction Work

Hi, everybody. Today I started transferring the June archives over to the new site. Hope you enjoy!

Rumors are swirling that some former Senator players have gathered here in DC for some briefing ahead of an announcement to happen tomorrow or the next day. Also, the Brewers have reportedly reached an agreement to sell the club to an LA investor named Daniel Attansio. Since informed speculation suggested the losing bidders for the Brewers would get a crack at the Expos, it seems likely that they wanted to get the Brewers' news out of the way first. Add to this Mayor Williams' statement that DC could be getting the good word in "a matter of hours," and I think the next chapter in this story is on the brink of unfolding. Stay tuned!

Posted by Fred at September 27, 2004 07:27 PM
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